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Chief Pilot Jobs – A Guide

Chief PilotAre you considering training for chief pilot jobs? If you are thinking about airline pilot jobs but are not really sure what they entail then this article will give you some more information on what pilot jobs involve. Chief Pilot Jobs – Description of Airline Pilot Jobs Primarily pilot jobs concern flying passengers to and from their chosen destinations. This will include commercial, private and business flights.  Usually any one aircraft will have two to four pilots depending on the size and type of aircraft and the length of the journey. Chief pilot jobs are what are usually known as captain jobs. The captain is the pilot who has overall command of the plane and the responsibility of cabin crew and passengers. There is a lot of preparation which goes on behind the scenes for aviation jobs such as studying flight plans before take off. There is also a lot of responsibility which comes with chief pilot jobs, you have to ensure that the aircraft is working properly before and after take off. It is also the job of the pilot to liaise with air traffic control and check the weather conditions. There are many opportunities for airline pilot jobs because pilots are employed for many different services including scheduled passenger services, charter services, freight services and other general business aviation. Browse Chief Pilot Jobs on Airline Pilots.

Chief Pilots Jobs Description

Chief pilot jobs are high up in the aviation world and can only be reached after plenty of experience. These pilots are responsible for operating aircraft to carry cargo as well as business and commercial passengers around the world. Each plane is normally operated by 2 to 4 pilots and the chief pilot is in charge of all staff aboard, including the cabin crew.
Aviation jobs such as this are extremely important as they are responsible for the overall safety of passengers. The pilot must study flight plans and make sure that the controls on the plane are in good working order. Weather conditions must also be thoroughly checked to ensure that the flight is safe to go ahead to its destination.
Aviation Jobs – Typical Work of Chief Pilots
All pilot jobs are very rewarding with very high pay and personal satisfaction. These jobs are sought after by many who view it in an idealistic way, but most do not realise the amount of responsibility, pressure and sacrifice that is involved. To be successful in getting pilot jobs, there is a huge amount of training involved and this is very expensive. It may take years of service before reaching the stage of chief pilot jobs. The following list outlines some of the responsibilities that most pilots have:
Making sure the route, weather, passengers and aircraft are OK
Analysing the flight plan
Calculating amount of fuel needed and ensuring it is loaded correctly
Making sure all safety systems work properly
Briefing the cabin crew before the flight and keeping in contact with them throughout
Communicating with air traffic control throughout the whole flight process
Understanding the data from controls and instruments in the cockpit
Checking the performance and position of the plane regularly
Addressing the passengers over a PA system
Having quick reactions to changes in the environment and emergencies

Helicoper Pilot Jobs: How to Become a Helicopter Pilot

If you're interested in a career as a helicopter pilot, there are several aviation jobs you can pursue, from working for private airlines to working for the medical services to working for a broadcaster. However, to successfully become a commercial helicopter pilot, you'll need to be dedicated to years of training and satisfy several legal stipulations. Learn more about helicopter pilot jobs in the guide below.

Helicopter Pilot Jobs: Career Path and Helicopter Training Tips

  • To work as a commercial helicopter pilot, the majority of employers will require you to be a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and pass a  rigorous medical exam. In fact, your medical history will be all important in determining whether you are suited to the demands of a helicopter pilot. Some employers will demand a complete family medical history to check whether you have any genetic conditions within the family that may put others at risk during a flight.
  • The medical exam will scrutinise all aspects of your physical health.  Surprisingly, perfect eyesight is not a pre-requisite to securing a helicopter pilot job - provided you can wear lenses or are willing to undergo corrective surgery, poor eyesight will not damage your chances of finding employment. The exam will also explore your hearing and overall physical fitness.
  • Licences are split into three broad categories - student, private and commericial.  Flight training can be expensive, so you should be aware of the commitment and compromise needed to successfully apply for helicopter pilot jobs.
  • Flying a helicopter can be a fairly niche career, so it's best to search around in your local area and consider your options carefully. Always ensure that any course that interests you is accredited.  Try and opt for a school that offers all levels of flight training, as this can often be the strategy in terms of receiving the best possible levels of consistent training.
  • Remember, there's no set time limit that states how long helicopter pilot training should take - in some cases, you can complete a course within a couple of months, for others it may take several years to reach the required standard. However, the majority of employers will demand around 1,000 hours of flight experience before you can even be considered for a job. Depending on the position offered, this figure can be far higher - it's worth investigating several vacances to analyse different options in terms of employer requirements.
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Chief Pilot Jobs Guide

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" oldwidth="319" caption="Pilot Cockpit "]Pilot Cockpit [/caption] Thinking about training for airline pilot jobs but are not sure what aviation jobs entail? This article will give you some information on pilot jobs and what is involved. Aviation Jobs – Description of Pilot Jobs Pilot jobs primarily involve flying passengers and cargo to their chosen destination on a national and international basis. Airline pilots have to fly people around the world for commercial, leisure or business reasons. An aircraft will be controlled by two, three or four pilots depending on the size and type of the aircraft and the length of the journey. The chief pilot or captain is the pilot who has command and overall responsibility of the safety of the passengers and cabin crew. Airline pilot jobs also involve a lot of preparation, a pilot will have to study the flight plans before take off and ensure that everything is working properly. In pilot jobs you also have to check weather conditions and liaise with air traffic control. There are lots of different opportunities for airline pilot jobs because pilots are employed for many different services from passenger scheduled services, charter services, freight services and general business aviation. Airline Pilot Jobs – Work Activities
  • Ensuring all information about the route, weather, passengers and aircraft are sound.
  • Pilot jobs include analysing the flight plan which includes route and flying altitude.
  • Calculating fuel consumption.
  • Ensuing safety systems of the aircraft are working correctly.
  • Pilot jobs also include briefing the cabin crew before the flight and maintaining contact with the crew throughout the flight.
  • Communicating with passengers using the public address system.
  • You also have to be able to understand and interpret data from controls and instruments.
  • Another important part of aviation jobs is to update the aircraft log book and write a report at the end of each flight indicating any issues.

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